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Berl Thomas and Associates, Inc.

Berl Thomas, Berl Thomas and Associates, Inc. (BTA) and Thomas Seedling Technology Systems (TSTS) concentrated its efforts in modern seedling technology systems over the past 40 years. Seedling, plug and liner production technology today is essential for every company engaged in the production of plants from seed and vegetative cuttings.

The name Berl Thomas has become synonymous with transplants around the world. Thomas, former president and CEO of Speedling, Inc. and Twyford International, Inc. has experience in over 30 countries helping companies develop new seedling systems or improve existing seedling systems.

Over the past 40 years, Thomas has developed more than 100 different crop seedling systems, including flowers, vegetables and tobacco. BTA incorporates the technology developed over the past 40 years and latest seedling technology to make seedling producers more efficient.

Our activities include:

  • Seedling technology Consulting USA, China and Worldwide.
  • Management of Spectrum Technologies Products for China horticultural market.
  • Organize the annual “China Flower Industry Report”.
  • Resource for Phalaenopsis Orchids young and mature plants from China.
  • Resource for Greenhouses and Greenhouse Equipment.
  • Resource for China Tissue Culture Produced Plants.
  • Resource for China Plant Variety Protection, company trademarkes and logos.
  • Resource for China unrooted flower products.
  • Resource for China produced pots and horticultural supplies.
  • Resource for printing company catalogs and promotion materials.

Our Mission:

To provide global leadership in seedling/young plant technology, agricultural technology and a business resource add value to our clients and customers worldwide.

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