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Seedling and Transplant Systems Development:

Berl Thomas, president of Berl Thomas and Associates, Inc. (BTA) and Thomas seedling System Technology (TSTS) are seedling technology systems specialist having consulted in over 30 countries. One service offered by BTA includes developing seedling systems for clients globally, including after service assistance when requested.

BTA can conduct an analysis to determine what system is best for you, design the system that is compatible with your needs and conditions. All seedling system materials can be sourced for the system, whether imported or sourced locally depending upon the resources available.

Seedling and Transplant Systems Training:

BTA will train your management and staff in the production and management of seedlings and transplants. This service is available for any seedling producer and is not restricted to the systems BTA has developed for a client. 

This service is available on the schedule you select, monthly, seasonally or annually. Sometimes it is important to have a systems review to improve your operations performance.

Source Seedling System Equipment and Production Materials:

BTA can source production equipment and production materials through its worldwide connections with greenhouse manufacturers, equipment manufactures and companies specializing in production materials.


Designing greenhouses for seedling production is more demanding than for other greenhouse crop production systems, therefore, the design must be one of the primary points to consider before contracting for the greenhouse. Greenhouses designed for seedlings can produce many other crops, however, greenhouses designed for other crops may not be suitable for seedlings.  It is easy to make a mistake in the early system designs that cannot be corrected later. BTA will guide you through the system requirements to reduce these problems.

Greenhouse Equipment:

Selection for seedling production is extremely important to achieve the uniformity required for uniform seedling production. Seedling production required every compo net in the greenhouse production system to lead to uniformity if uniform seedlings are to be produced. BTA can provide the services required for selecting the critical equipment for your existing seedling system or a new seedling system. The companies in the BTA network offer excellent quality at a favorable price.

Greenhouse Production Materials:

Production materials such as flats, seedling trays, plug trays, plastic pots, ceramic pots, substrate, peat moss, water soluble fertilizer are just a few of the products available through the BTA network.

Connect with BTA

North American Flower Industry Marketing Program 

BTA, USA through Meister Media Worldwide, USA started a international program form a North American (USA and Canada) bridge in 2006for leading Chinese companies to connect with companies in the USA and Canada. BTA produces a China Flower Industry Report published each year in the July issue of the Greenhouse Grower Magazine. July is the month that the Ohio Florist association (OFA) International Exposition is held and where this report has the best readership and exposure.

Greenhouse Grower has just celebrated 25 year anniversary and is considered a leading magazine for the greenhouse and flower industry. Greenhouse Grower publishes 14 times a year, 12 monthly issues and 2 special issues during the year.

The USA and Canadian flower industry is the largest in the world and companies in North America have expressed interest in connecting with companies in China to reduce cost of equipment and production materials.

Companies in China have also expressed an interest in connecting with North American manufacturers and leading growers to introduce their companies and products.

This program is in its fourth year and has generated opportunities for both North American and Chinese companies to connect with each other.

If you have an interest in connecting with North American companies connect with BTA.

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